D & D Attack Wing: Green Dragon (engl.)

Artikel-Nr.: WIZ71589

Claugiyliamatar, a powerful Green Dragon, has ruled her forest for centuries. Every beast and shrub in this forest bows to her command. Her poisonous breath is matched only by her derisive tongue… her scorn can make even the mightiest warrior feel inadequate, if not utterly worthless.

Few would dare to challenge such a foe, but incursions into her forest have increased of late. What could they be after? The emerald queen ponders, wondering if the invaders are after something related to her allies’ quest to desecrate the good dragons’ Primordial Graveyard…

Contents: 10 Cards, 24 Tokens, 2 Maneuver Dial, 1 Painted Plastic Creature with Base and Pegs


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