FR: Silver Shadows

Artikel-Nr.: WOC91799

Ungelesenes Taschbuch, leichter Abrieb an Ecken und Kanten, Zustand nach Schulnoten: 2+

  • Reihe: Forgotten Realms: Songs & Swords Series (Book 3)
  • Autor: Elaine Cunningham
  • Verlag: Wizards of the Coast
  • Erschienen: 2001
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Softcover, 372 Seiten


Arilyn Moonblade has always feared the elfshadow, the essence of her sword's magic. When she learns the terrible truth behind her inherited moonblade, she vows to find a way to escape her fate.

What begins as a means to an end becomes a deeply personal commitment. Determined to succeed in her quest, Arilyn will risk all she holds dear.


''I have been a fan of Elaine Cunningham's since I read Elfshadow, because of her lyrical writing style and characters possessed of more than two dimensions.'' - R.A. Salvatore


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