Legends & Lairs: Giant Lore

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  • Spielsystem: d20 (3.0)
  • Verlag: Fantasy Flight Games
  • Erschienen: 2003
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Autor: Peter Buchy, Jeffery Dobberpuhl, Nick Gomes, Shannon Kalvar, Lysle Kapp
  • Softcover, 62 Seiten

Typ: Quellenband


A Bestiary of Giants and their Kin


They’re more than just big, dumb, and strong.

Of all the monster types, giants are some of the most feared and interesting. They’re like the PCs in many ways: they’re intelligent, they use weapons and armor, they pursue many of the same goals of wealth, power, romance, and knowledge, and they can take character class levels to specialize their skills and abilities.


But they’re bigger. Much bigger.

Following in the footsteps of Twisted Lore, this book gives unprecedented options for a single type of monster. It contains 10 new giant types, along with over a dozen new templates and prestige classes developed specifically for these humanoid behemoths, so you can mix and match to create the perfect foes for your gaming group.


Add in new feats, spells, and equipment, and you will have giants ready to fill any role in your campaign. Whether you want to add valorous allies or earth-shattering foes, Giant Lore has just the 16-foot-tall force of nature you’re looking for.


Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook, Third Edition, published by Wizards of the Coast.


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