Feng Shui: On Location: GM Screen / Spielleiterschirm

Artikel-Nr.: ATG78024

  • Spielsystem: Feng Shui 1
  • Verlag: Atlas Games
  • Erschienen: 2002
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Autor: Jeff Tidball
  • Graphik: Didier Florentz
  • 4seitiger Sichtschirm + 32seitiges Booklet

Typ: Zubehör

The Feng Shui GM Screen


On Location delivers two essential items for the Feng Shui GM, in one package. First is this GM screen, a four-panel reference extravaganza, suitable for you to hide game notes and die rolls from players while keeping the most-referenced tables and charts handy.


Inside is a 32-page booklet containing a bunch of locations you can use in your adventures. It's especially useful when your characters wind up in another fight in a warehouse, apartment building, or back alley and you can't for the life of you figure out why this warehouse, apartment building, or back alley is any different from the last dozen of them where you staged fights.


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