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  • Verlag: Battle Systems
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Modular 28-35 mm Terrain (71 pieces) - no Painting required!

Thick stone walls defend cities, castles and the mansions of nobles across the land from invading enemies. Soldiers line the ramparts and walkways to fire arrows and insults down at approaching foes.

This box contains everything you need to build a section of two-storey city or castle wall measuring 12" / 30cm long, suitable for many 28-35mm fantasy and historical games. The set includes decorative buttresses and fortified ramparts along with a wooden walkway halfway up the wall. Many of the pieces are modular and can be assembled in different combinations or mixed and matched with the rest of the range.

The terrain is supplied flat-packed on high-quality, high-density card, printed in full colour on both sides, so no painting required! The terrain requires assembly, and some smaller parts will require glue.

(Note that four of these walls are also included in the Citadel Core Set.)


  • 1 12" / 30cm City Wall Section
    • 6 Wall Panels
    • 3 Rampart Sections
    • 6 Rampart Clips
    • 3 Walkways
    • 3 Railings
    • 6 Walkway Struts
    • 2 Buttresses
    • 1 End Cap
    • 1 Canopy
    • 2 Canopy Struts
  • 13 Assorted Scatter Components and Accessories
  • 25 Grey Plastic Clips


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