Core Space - Fury of the Insane God (Expansion) EN

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  • Verlag: Battle Systems
  • EAN: 5060660091973
  • Verpackungseinheit: x Stück pro Umarton
  • Autor: Colin Young
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Spieleranzahl: 1-6
  • Alter: ab 14 Jahren
  • Spieldauer: ca. 45-180 Minuten

The Sci-Fi Miniatures Game: SALVAGE. TRADE. ADAPT. SURVIVE!

Dissatisfied with the gods of old, a fanatical faction of the First Born created their own, extremely powerful and near indestructible… This expansion adds one of these Insane Gods, standing over 120mm tall, and flanked by its two hulking Guardians!

The new narrative campaign features a renegade faction of True Born attempting to awaken an Insane God and tells the story of how your intrepid Traders save the galaxy from its wrath. The God is designed to straddle the terrain, representing its phenomenal power to reform the living rock as it moves, and with formidable new Event cards and new equipment to ramp up your games, this is a challenge your Traders can’t afford to miss.

Requires the Core Space: First Born Starter Set to play.


  • 1 Insane God Miniature (over 120mm tall!)
  • 2 Guardian Miniatures
  • 2 Character Boards
  • 7 Status Inserts
  • 3 Reward Counters
  • 20 Equipment Tokens
  • 5 Event Cards
  • Mission Briefing & Rules Booklet


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