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  • Verlag: Battle Systems
  • EAN: 5060660091980
  • Verpackungseinheit: x Stück pro Umkarton
  • Autor: Colin Young
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Spieleranzahl: 1-6
  • Alter: ab 14 Jahren
  • Spieldauer: ca. 45-180 Minuten

The Sci-Fi Miniatures Game!

This expansion adds the ancient Gates of Ry’sa to the game in the form of some new terrain pieces along with some powerful new First Born threats – the Talos and the Cerberosa.

It includes everything required to integrate the new miniatures and terrain with the starter set, including dice, equipment tokens, event cards and a mission booklet.


The new narrative campaign in the expansion will see your Traders attempt to secure one of these gates for themselves before passing through it to reach yet more undiscovered treasures in the more distant asteroid bases. New equipment and mining opportunities await amongst the incredible new terrain pieces included in this set. The gates are housed in enormous caverns large enough for all manner of creatures to come through, and the shifting colours in the energy pylons make for an eye-catching centrepiece to your gaming table. New event cards shuffled into the deck will represent the reality-shifting nature of the nearby gate.

There are three Cerberosa included in the set. These vicious beasts are deadly in close-assault and take advantage of the rules for poisoned attacks, further weakening their wounded victims. Cerberosa do not roll the Knowledge Die when they attack, instead coming with their own bespoke die. Its additional effects include crippling strikes that reduce your Skill pegs, frenzied attacks that target multiple opponents, and pure brute strength, adding further poisoned hits to their attacks.

The Gates of Ry’sa includes two Talos. Like the Cerberosa the Talos rolls its own bespoke dice when attacking representing the physical effects of its powerful energy blasts. These include knocking opponents from their feet, instilling panic, and even setting their victims on fire! Talos are also very tough to kill. Getting through their rock-like armour a first time will only make them stumble – you’ll have to hit them again before they recover to permanently power them down.


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