Core Space - In the Line of Fire (Expansion) EN

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  • Verlag: Battle Systems
  • EAN: 5060660092000
  • Verpackungseinheit: x Stück pro Umkarton
  • Autor: Colin Young
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Spieleranzahl: 1-6
  • Alter: ab 14 Jahren
  • Spieldauer: ca. 45-180 Minuten

The Sci-Fi Miniatures Game!

This expansion focuses on the non-combatants that enter this new warzone alongside your Traders. The New Crew actively get themselves in the line of fire for the sake of a good story, while the Prospectors are gemologists and miners hoping to extract the new and valuable minerals from the catacomb walls. Both will often hire Traders as security when entering dangerous environments.

The expansion includes everything required to integrate the new miniatures with the starter set, including equipment tokens, event cards and a mission booklet.


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