WFRP: Night's Dark Masters

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  • Spielsystem: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition
  • Verlag: Black Industries
  • Erschienen: 2007
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Autor: Steven Darlington, Jody Macgregor
  • Softcover, 144 Seiten

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A Guide to Vampires: Beware the Night!

The Undead loom large in the imaginations of morals. These shuffling horrors stumble forth from shallow graves at the beckoning of dreadful necromancers. They stir in forgotten barrows and ancient tombs. They flit through the midst of the curling fog that blankets the fallow fields and haunt the alleys, marking scenes of old crimes and bloody murders. However, amongst these vestiges of life – these rotting, twisted, tortured forms – there are those who excite us, who awaken a dark fantasy of fascination. They are the night’s dark masters, the Vampires, and they are the cunning lords of wickedness and evil, preying on mortals as a wolf hunts sheep. They can be beautiful and alluring, forever frozen in their youth, or hulking and monstrous, twisted by the corruption of their tainted blood. Regardless of their form they are a dangerous threat, masterminds of countless plots and sinister designs, and their power, their majesty, makes slaves of all who live under the pall they cast.

Night’s Dark Masters lifts the shroud from the Vampires, revealing everything you could want to know about Vampires in the Old World. Inside these blood-slick pages you’ll find:

  • A detailed history of Vampires to shed light on their origins and machinations.
  • Scholars’ accounts that offer flavourful advice to would-be Vampire hunters.
  • A detailed examination of the form and function of Vampires, cataloguing their strengths and weaknesses.
  • A comprehensive overview of the five major bloodlines, as well as example villains for use straight out of the book.
  • A complete gazetteer of Sylvania.
  • Exhaustive details on creating Vampire adversaries and Vampire hunters, including new careers such as the Grave Warden and Back Guard.
  • A bestiary that expands the Undead horrors of the Old World, presenting statistics for terrifying monsters like Scuttling Hands and Wraithwisps.

This tome is packed with information on some of WFRP’s most notorious Undead, revealing the character and nature of these nocturnal fiends. Armed with this book, you can construct elaborate adventures that feature vampires as the central antagonists or as supporting characters for some great nemesis. Ready your stakes, keep your blessed water handy and say a prayer to Morr, Night’s Dark Masters will take your games into the bloody heart of darkness.

Fear the Princes of Blood!


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