WFRP: Realm of the Ice Queen

Artikel-Nr.: BLI16433

  • Spielsystem: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition
  • Verlag: Black Industries
  • Erschienen: 2007
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Autor: David Chart, Steven Darlington, Andy Law, Graham McNeil
  • Softcover, 144 Seiten

Typ: Quellenband

A Guide to Kislev. Behold the Land of Ice and Snow!

Caught between the sprawling Empire to the south and the maddening wastes of Chaos is Kislev, Realm of the Ice Queen. Legendary for its doughty peoples who stand fast against the ravenous hordes of Chaos spilling out of the north, who endure the incredible cold and the barren bleakness that defies their land and yet persevere, surviving against all odds. Yet Kislev is more than appalling winters and endless struggles against Chaos; it is a rich land with a fascinating culture and history, with a proud people and prouder heritage. It may shield the softer men to the south, serving as the first line of defence against destruction, but it is fiercely independent, strong, and enduring.

Realm of the Ice Queen is the definitive sourcebook on Kislev, describing this nation in lavish detail. Inside this incredible sourcebook, you'll find:

  • A detailed overview of Kislev, evoking the spirit of its people and the harshness of its climate.
  • An examination of Kislev's history, detailing the arrival of the various tribes and conflicts that would form the Kislev of today.
  • Fascinating descriptions of Kislev's politics and laws, exploring the tensions and differences between the various peoples that live in this land as well as those of class and region.
  • Full details on the major religions of Kislev, providing details on the cults, orders, and strictures of gods like Dahz, Tor, and of course Ursun.
  • Information on using Kislev as a campaign setting, including guidelines for surviving the Oblast, geographical details, and extensive information on Kislev, Praag, and Erengrad.
  • Everything you need to create and play a character in Kislev.
  • New careers that evoke the setting including the Ice Witch, Ambassador, and Winged Lancer.
  • New magic rules that capture the nature of Ice Magic and Hag Magic.
  • Pages of new spells for Ice Witches, Hags, and Priests of Dahz, Tor, and Ursun.
  • A mini-adventure to kick-start your new Kislev campaign.
  • An exciting bestiary that evokes the atmosphere and strange nature of Kislev.

Kislev is a hard land, but one ripe for adventure. Whether you're looking for the perfect battlefield to wage war against Chaos or Greenskins or gloomy streets holding countless mysteries and despicable crimes, Realms of the Ice Queen is the sourcebook for you.

Adventure Awaits in the Land of the Bear!


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