The Lord of the Rings TCG: The Return of the King, Aragorn Starter Deck

Artikel-Nr.: DEC36686

  • Spielsystem: The Lord of the Rings TCG
  • Verlag: Decipher
  • Erschienen: 2003
  • Autor: Chuck Kallenbach, Tom Lischke, Mike Reynolds
  • Spieleranzahl: 2-6
  • Alter: ab 13 Jahre
  • Spieldauer: 60 Minuten
  • Sprache: englisch

Spieleinhalt: 60 fixed Cards (including 2 Aragorn Premium Cards), 3 random rare Cards


Journey to Middle-earth with this action-packed game based upon the fantastic visions of J.R.R. Tolkien and Peter Jackson.

This deck will immerse you in the world of Aragorn, heir to the throne of Gondor, while your opponent prepares to face deadly Raiders from the East.


Each 63-card starter deck contains locations and characters from the captivating realms of The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game, along with an easy-to-understand rulebook containing gameplay examples and explanations.


To enhance your gaming experience, look for the Eomer starter deck and randomized 11-card booster packs from The Return of the King base set.


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