Star Wars CCG: Premiere, Booster Pack, Unlimited Edition

Star Wars CCG: Premiere, Booster Pack, Unlimited Edition

Artikel-Nr.: DEC92767

  • Spielewelt: Star Wars CCG
  • Verlag: Decipher
  • Erschienen: 1995
  • Autor: -
  • Graphik: -
  • Spieleranzahl: 2
  • Alter: ab 8 Jahre
  • Spieldauer: 60 Minuten
  • Sprache: englisch

Spieleinhalt: 15 Playing Cards


With the Star Wars Customizable Card Game, players control, alter and feel the Force. The Star Wars universe comes alive as the Rebel Alliance battles against the unrelenting power of the Galactic Empire. The premiere release consists of 324 common, uncommon and rare cards.


This expansion set contains 15 randomly-assorted playing cards for customizing your Rebel and Imperial decks and expanding your collection.


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