Shadowrun: The Neo Anarchists' Guide to Real Life (2.Ed.)

Artikel-Nr.: FAS60165

  • Verlag: FASA Corporation
  • EAN: 9781555601652
  • Spielsystem: Shadowrun 2
  • Erschienen: 1992
  • Autor: Nigel D. Findley
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Softcover, 104 Seiten

Typ: Quellenband

Grab the kids! Hide the wife! The Neo-Anarchists are back!

This time, those fun-loving anarchists speak out on everything from transorbital travel and security systems to coffin motels and fast food. Nothing is sacred, profanity reigns, and there's more data than you can shake a chip at.

The NEO-ANARCHISTS' GUIDE TO REAL LIFE provides useful information about the SHADOWRUN world in a fictionalized format along with new, specific game systems for each of the subjects covered. This sourcebook is compatible with the original SHADOWRUN rules as well as the newly revised SHADOWRUN, SECOND EDITION rules.


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