Shadowrun: Celtic Double-Cross (2.Ed.)

Artikel-Nr.: FAS60221

  • Verlag: FASA Corporation
  • EAN: 9781555602215
  • Spielsystem: Shadowrun 2
  • Erschienen: 1993
  • Autor: Carl Sargent, Mark Gascoigne
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Softcover, 80 Seiten

Typ: Abenteuerband

Renowned as a land of wonders, Tír na nÓg brims with with ancient elven art and sophisticated elven nobles, powerful magic and cutting-edge technologies. But beneath this cultured facade lies a dark mix of long-simmering feuds and Machiavellian plots. Now add a dash of good old UCAS politics, and you have a Byzantine brew of betrayal and bloodshed, a Mickey Finn with a lethal kick.

Celtic Double-Cross is a Shadowrun adventure for advanced players and gamemasters. It is compatible with both Shadowrun, Second Edition rules and the original first-edition rules. The Tír na nÓg sourcebook is required for play.


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