Shadowrun: Divided Assets (2.Ed.)

Artikel-Nr.: FAS60233

  • Verlag: FASA Corporation
  • EAN: 9781555602338
  • Spielsystem: Shadowrun 2
  • Erschienen: 1994
  • Autor: Tom Dowd
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Softcover, 64 Seiten

Typ: Abenteuerband

The Corps own a Piece of Everything!

To the corporations, everything`s an asset to be charted, inventoried, and maintained. Everything is accounted for - even people. But what happens when a particular asset - namely an eight-year-old boy - becomes a pawn in a messy piece of corporate extraction? That`s up to the Shadowrunners to decide. Unfortunately, all the firepower and magic in the world won`t help solve the problem.

Divided Assets is a Shadowrun adventure for use with the Denver Box Set (though it can be adapted for other locales), and the Shadowrun, Second Edition Rules.

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