Shadowrun: Awakenings: New Magic in 2057 (2.Ed.)

Artikel-Nr.: FAS60273

  • Verlag: FASA Corporation
  • EAN: 9781555602734
  • Spielsystem: Shadowrun 2
  • Erschienen: 1995
  • Autor: Stephen Kenson
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Softcover, 160 Seiten

Typ: Quellenband

"Used to be, magic was pretty simple. Well, OK, not simple exactly ... but you knew where people stood with it. A magician was either the guy in the robes with the formulas or the guy summoning spirits i the wild with bearskin and the rattle.

"Now the guy next door to me says he's a houngan practicing some mojo called voudoun. The kid down the block slings his juju based on an old flat-vid superhero show. Seems like the longer the Sixth World goes on, the more there is to learn about how magic works. And believe me, you'd better learn it--'cause in this biz what you don't know can kill you." - Not Horatio, troll magician, Street Lectures Online

Awakenings: New Magic in 2057 is a sourcebook for Shadowrun, Second Edition. It revises and expands on existing rules for magic in Shadowrun, Second Edition and the The Grimoire, Second Edition, offers new and expanded rules for adepts, and included rules for the magical system of voudoun. It also provides players and gamemasters with a wide range of options for roleplaying magical characters and making magic an integral part of life in the Shadowrun universe.


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