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  • Verlag: Funtails
  • EAN: 4270000541902
  • Verpackungseinheit: 4 Stück
  • Autor: Matthias Cramer
  • Sprache: deutsch, englisch
  • Spieleranzahl: 2-4 Spieler
  • Alter: ab 12 Jahren
  • Spieldauer: ca. 90-120 Minuten

Die Chronicles sind das Kernstück des Spiels. Daher wurden sie auch zum namensgebenden Element von Glen More II: Chronicles. Jede Chronik erweitert das Basisspiel von Glen More II: Chronicles um eine neue Spielmechanik und zusätzliches Spielmaterial. Darüber hinaus können alle Chroniken miteinander kombiniert werden.

Glen More II: Chronicles is a sequel to Glen More, expanding the gameplay substantially compared to the original game!

In Glen More II: Chronicles, each player represents the leader of a Scottish clan from the early medieval ages until the 19th century, a leader looking to expand their territory and wealth. The success of your clan depends on your ability to make the right decision at the right time, be it by creating a new pasture for your livestock, growing barley for whisky production, selling your goods on the various markets, or gaining control of special landmarks such as lochs and castles.

Improvements over the original Glen More include bigger tiles, better materials, new artwork, the ability for each player to control the end of the game, and balancing adjustments to the tiles for a better suspense curve. The game is designed to consist of one-third known systems, one-third new mechanisms, and one-third improvements to Glen More.

The "Chronicles" in the title — a set of eight expansions to the base game — are a major part of these new mechanisms. Each Chronicle adds a new gameplay element to the base game. The "Highland Boat Race" Chronicle, for example, tells the story of a boat race in which the winner needs to be the first to reach their home castle after navigating their boat along the river through all the other players' territories. The "Hammer of the Scots" Chronicle adds a neutral "Englishman" playing piece to the time track that players struggle to control to get an additional turn — if they can afford him, that is, as he is paid using the market mechanism. All Chronicles can be freely combined, although designer Matthias Cramer suggests that players use only one or two unless they want a "monster game".

Another major change to the game is the ability to invest in famous Scottish people of the time, who are represented through a new "person" tile type. Persons not only have their own scoring, they also trigger one-time or ongoing effects on the tactical clan board. This adds a new layer of decision making, especially since the ongoing effects allow players to focus on a personal strategy of winning through the use of the clan board.


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