Chart of Darkness

Artikel-Nr.: GAW74917

Gebraucht, Nichtraucherhaushalt, ganz leichter Abrieb an den Ecken, neuwertig, Zustand nach Schulnoten: 1-

  • Spielsystem: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Edition
  • Verlag: Hogshead Publishing
  • Erschienen: 2000
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Autor: Graeme Davis
  • Softcover, 128 Seiten

Typ: Quellenband

Kampagne: Apocrypha (Band 2)

Apocryphs 2: Chart of Darkness is the second compendium of articles for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, bringing new settings, rules, personalities and excitement to your game.


This book contains:

  • Expanded rules covering areas as diverse as pick-pocketing and divining the future.

  • A section on creating in-depth descriptions and background for PCs and NPCs, plus new character skills, careers and options.

  • New spells and magic items, including a whole chapter of enchanted arrows and bows.

  • Detailed information on the Cult of Morr and its struggle against the power of Necromancy.

  • Information on prisons in the Old World and how you can use them in your game.

  • Four complete adventures, ranging from cities to remote mountain ranges and lost Dwarfen Holds.

  • New game settings and non-player characters, to add more life and drama to your campaign.


Culled from long out-of-print supplements and the pages of White Dwarf, or freshly torn from the imaginations of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay's finest writers, this book contains something for all players and GMs. Whether it's new careers and spells, background to flesh out your campaign or adventures to test your party's wits, they're all in Chart of Darkness.


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