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  • Verlag: Jyde Games
  • EAN: 3770009377096
  • Verpackungseinheit: 6 Stück pro Umkarton
  • Autor: Yannick Chabas
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Spieleranzahl: 2-5
  • Alter: ab 8 Jahre
  • Spieldauer: ca. 30 Minuten

Spieleinhalt: 6 Cauldron Boards, 205 Cards, 1 rule EN

Weave the most beautiful Kilim to delight the Sultan and be named High Weaver!

Kilim are traditional woven carpets. Their patterns and colors represent the identity of the people who weave them.

Play as Master Weavers of the Sultanate and compete for the promised reward.


Getting the best carpets will not be enough to win, use your Spies to watch the competition, call on the Artisan to perfect your creations, and of course weave your Kilim according to the Sultan's tastes!

  • Go every day to the market where the carpets of the Sultanate are sold

  • Make the best offer or use trickery to win the most beautiful carpets

  • Assemble them into an exceptional Kilim

Once you have acquired a carpet tile, you will place it in front of you to compose your work. After 3 days, the Kilim will be judged by the Sultan according to the way they have been designed.

The game ends when all the tiles are bought and placed (after three rounds) and build in the Kilims of the players.

Victory Points are given for an rectangular shape of the carpet, for the use of patterns, for the biggest groups of patterns, for the player with most tiles of a pattern - and you loose points if you have open/visible "damaged" carpet parts.


  • card-controlled tile placement
  • beautiful design
  • Spielmaterial sprachneutral / language independent


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