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  • Verlag: Keymaster Games
  • EAN: 850003498126
  • Verpackungseinheit: x Stück pro Umkarton
  • Autor: Henry Audubon
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Spieleranzahl: 2-4
  • Alter: ab 10 Jahre
  • Spieldauer: ca. 20-40 Minuten

Spieleinhalt: 7 Double-Sided Trail Tiles (With Day & Night Park Illustrations)  , 76 Game Cards , 4 Custom Shaped, Wooden Hiker Tokens , 1 Custom Shaped, Wooden Wildlife Token , 1 Screen Printed Wildlife Die , 45 Wooden Resource Cubes , 6 Cardboard Tokens , 1 Rulebook EN

Standalone adventure in the PARKS series!

Explore iconic US landmarks and National Parks in TRAILS, a new game in the PARKS series.

Featuring art from the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series, TRAILS invites you to take a leisurely stroll in the beautiful outdoors.

Enjoy a relaxing hike collecting acorns, spotting wildlife, and earning wilderness badges... It's time to hit the trails!


In TRAILS, players hike back and forth along the Trail. Each turn, you move your Hiker on the Trail to gather resources or take Photos.

Along the way, you may gain bonuses from encountering Wildlife.

At Trailhead and Trail End, you can turn in resources to earn Badges and begin your journey back in the other direction.

Each time a player visits Trail End, the Sun will set over the Trail. As night falls, Trail sites grant more powerful actions, but they won’t last forever.

When the Sun leaves the Trail, the last round will occur.


The compact box makes it easy to toss in a backpack to play at your favorite park or give it as a gift for any occasion.


  • fun, quick game that can play in 20 mins
  • easy-to-learn rules
  • standalone adventure in the PARKS series


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