Tomb Raider CCG: Into the Caves, Quest Deck

Artikel-Nr.: PRE68171A

  • Spielsystem: Tomb Raider CCG
  • Verlag: Precedence
  • Erschienen: 1999
  • Autor: David Hewitt
  • Spieleranzahl: -
  • Alter: ab 8 Jahren
  • Spieldauer: -
  • Sprache: englisch

Spieleinhalt: 50 card Quest Deck, Bonus 8 card Booster Pack, Rules, Dice, Game Piece


Starring Lara Croft - With exclusive Lara Croft Variant Card

This revolutionary Collectible Card Game captures the heart and soul of Tomb Raider. Move!, Fight!, Think!, and Search! to be the first to find the hidden treasure and win the game. Legendary quests, fabulous items, and daring raiders all combine with game play features like, upgrades, save points, and escalating difficulty to unleash the action of the hit video game in a whole new way.

Millionaire, Treasure Hunter, Marksman, Spelunker... Lara Croft has many facets and abilities. Each Quest Deck provides you with an exclusive new Lara Croft variant card and an exciting new challenge for her to overcome.


In Into the Caves, Lara will have to be at her gun-blazing best to take on the sinister creatures in the caverns. But as always she will have to keep her wits about her to conquer the caves and claim her prize.


By combining Into the Caves with other Quest Decks and Booster Packs you can build even more deadly Quests on your way to becoming the ultimate Tomb Raider!


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