Insert Zona™: The Secret of Chernobyl

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e-Raptor Insert compatible with Zona: The Secret of Chernobyl is your must have accessory designed to organize and improve the experience of the gameplay.

Thanks to our insert you can arrange all game components and sleeved cards to keep them in order – no more mess on the table while playing. No more looking for necessary elements during the game.

Moreover, when the box is closed, the components are still kept in order, ready for setting another game faster than ever! 

The insert is durable and made of high-quality HDF. To assemble it, there is no glue required. It allows you to hold all components inside the box. You can see the suggested components setup on the pictures. This offer concerns only insert. The game is not included.

Keep your game organized!

Box size: 30.0 x 30.0 x 8.9 cm

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