GURPS Bio-Tech

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  • Spielsystem: GURPS (4th Edition)
  • Verlag: Steve Jackson Games
  • Erschienen: 2006 (2. Auflage)
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Autor: David Morgan-Mar, David Pulver
  • Hardcover, 240 Seiten

Typ: Sourcebook


The Future is Alive

''Who needs chrome, pal? Meat is where it's at. Mother Nature always did it best - she just needed a little help. Get down to the black clinic, old-timer, and you can be 15 again. If you still want to be human at all.''


It's the technology of the posthuman age: biotech! Upgrade your old body with steroids, smart drugs, transplants, and viral nano . . . or get a new one. Improve on nature with eugenics and gene-fixing. Or go parahuman - if you love cats, become one! You have time to explore the possibilities - death is only a temporary inconvenience with cryonics and immortality drugs. And who needs silicon? Vatbrain biocomputers are where it's really at!


But biotech isn't just the future. GURPS Bio-Tech includes a full range of medical equipment from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, from early vaccines to surgical robots, along with game stats for the world's deadliest diseases.


GURPS Bio-Tech also includes character templates for biotech professions, rules for biotech magic, and two original campaign mini-settings: an alternate Earth ruled by a clone of Alexander the Great, and a living starship on its way to colonize an alien world! Say goodbye to your old body. Have you upgraded your genes this year?


GURPS Bio-Tech requires the GURPS Basic Set, Fourth Edition. You can use the campaign settings and information on technology in any game.


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