"Tiny Epic Compatible" Sleeves (110pcs) 88x125mm - 8818

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  • Verlag: Sleeve Kings
  • EAN: 080149927963
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Brettspielkarten-Schutzhüllen, neu und original verpackt (110 Stück / Pack).


We are excited to offer these sleeves!

  • Thicker Than Any Other "Standard" Sleeves  - Most "Standard" Sleeves are 40 microns thick, a few are even 50 microns. Ours are 60-microns thick! That is 50% more than most!

  • 10% More Sleeves Than The Other Guys - Most sleeves come 100/pack. We are the only brand offering 110 per pack!  10% more FREE!

  • Cheaper Than Other Brands  - Most brands retail for $3 or more per 50 pack. We are offering ours for $2-$3 per pack for even the largest sizes.

  • "Tough As Nails!" We are guaranteeing our sleeve will not split! This is literally a first in the industry. 


You can find a large list of games with cards in this size HERE.


** Note Game Titles and their intellectual property rights are © and TM of their respective rights holders, no challenge to these rights is expressed or implied.  Compatibility claims only extend to the physical size of the cards in each respective game and no claim to endorsement or authorization by the respective rights holders is expressed or implied by Sleeve Kings.  Our products are compatible with the respective games only and all rights are reserved by the respective rights holders.


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