AD&D: Thief's Player Pack - Official Game Accessory

Artikel-Nr.: TSR90042

  • Spielsystem: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition

  • Verlag: TSR

  • Erschienen: 1994

  • Sprache: englisch

Typ: Zubehör

Suitable for All Levels of Play


You've found the ideal all-in-one playing aid for your favorite game with the AD&D Game Thief's Player Pack.


Inside your Player Pack is the information you need to play your chosen class of character - the priest - with skill and finesse, and a gathering of playing aids selected by TSR game designers as the items both experienced and beginning gamers find most useful.


Look at everything you get:

  • Thief Character Record Sheets

  • Eight-page booklet of valuable information about role-playing thief characters, includes a miniature painting guide

  • Game stickers and pencil

  • Rugged plastic carrying case

  • Thief's Screen providing immediate access to the information from the Player's Handbook that you use most frequently while playing your character

  • Three 25mm lead-free metal player character miniatures - male and female thieves and a bard

  • Four types of mapping paper

  • Complete set of seven polyhedral dice, including true percentile dice

... Plus, room to carry, store, and organize the AD&D rulebooks and other gaming materials you own!

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