Birthright: The Book of Magecraft

Birthright: The Book of Magecraft

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  • Spielsystem: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition
  • Setting: Birthright
  • Verlag: TSR
  • Erschienen: 1996
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Softcover, 128 Seiten

Typ: Regelergänzungsband

Magic permeates the very air, earth, and sea of Cerilia - yet escapes the mastery of all but a rare few. Those who control the continent's magical energy can call upon forces incomprehensible to the rest of its inhabitants. These powerful figures are Cerilia's wizards: adventurers, advisers, and kings whose spells can affect the destinies of thousands.


This 128-page book contains everything players and Dungeon Masters need to make wizard characters more distinctive, mysterious, feared, and true to the Birthright setting. Inside are details on:

  • The secrets of sources and ley lines.

  • Strategies for building and maintaining a magical domain.

  • Spells unique to Cerilia, including new conventional spells, realm spells, and war magic.

  • Cerilian magical items and Mount Deismaar artifacts.

  • The status, philosophy, and role of wizards in each of Cerilia's spellcasting cultures.

  • The unique magician character class and the study of magic in Cerilia.

  • Near-mythical creatures said to grant boons to wizards fortunate enough to encounter them.

Warriors, priests, and rogues beware: The wizards of Cerilia have come to power!


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