D & D Attack Wing: Silver Dragon (engl.)

Artikel-Nr.: WIZ71605

The silver dragon Vakka is one of the most ancient of her kind. Her strength and resilience are legendary, as are the power of her bitter cold breath and her debilitating paralysis breath. She has even been known to summon allies from time to time, including a particularly valiant paladin dragonrider.

Many years ago, Vakka seemed to disappear, but she has been found at last as the self-appointed guardian of the Chainspire. After banishing the harpy queen Sycorax from this island, Vakka resolved to guard the way to the primordial graveyard for as long as she could. But now the forces of both the good and evil dragons have found their way here, and Vakka must help the good dragons make a final stand against the dragon cultists during an epic confrontation!

Contents: 11 Cards, 26 Tokens, 2 Maneuver Dials, 1 Painted Plastic Creature with Base and Pegs


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