D&D3: Fortress of the Yuan-ti

Artikel-Nr.: WOC94360

  • Verlag: Wizards of the Coast
  • EAN: 9780786943609
  • Spielsystem: Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition (3.5)
  • Erschienen: 2007
  • Autor: Ari Marmell
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Softcover, 64 Seiten

Typ: Abenteuerband

Reihe: D&D3.5: Adventures (Book 3)

An Adventure for 7th-Level Characters!


Storm the Nest of Vipers

Evil yuan-ti conspire to destroy a kingdom using dark rituals and the bones of a long-dead king. To win the day, heroes must storm the yuan-ti fortress and wrest the bones from the cultists' clutches before they complete their rituals and unleash a far greater menace upon the world.

This Dungeons & Dragons adventure is designed for 6th-level characters. It can be played as a stand-alone adventure or as the concluding adventure in a three-part series (DD1: Barrow of the Forgotten King, DD2: The Sinister Spire). Each encounter contains special tactical information for the Dungeon Master and expanded map features for ease of play.


For use with these Dungeons & Dragons core products: Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual, D&D Miniatures.


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