D&D4: Martial Power 2

D&D4: Martial Power 2

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  • Spielsystem: Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition
  • Verlag: Wizards of the Coast / EAN: 9780786953899
  • Erschienen: 2010
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Autor: Richard Baker
  • Hardcover, 160 Seiten

Typ: Supplement

Options for Fighters, Rangers, Rogues, and Warlords


Legends made with Bow and Blade

In the war against evil, some heroes turn to magic, faith, or primal spirits. Your strength however, comes from within. Skill and agility. Cunning and might. Bow and blade. These are the hallmarks of the martial hero.


This Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game supplement presents new options for martial characters, including new powers, builds, feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies designed for the fighter, ranger, rogue, and warlord classes. Martial Power 2 also introduces two new rules systems - marital practices and combat styles - that allow you to create custom fighting techniques and play truly legendary marital heroes.


For use with these 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons core products: Player's Handbook core rulebooks, Dungeon Master's Guide core rulebooks, Monster Manual core rulebooks, D&D Miniatures and D&D Dungeon Tiles.


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