Mage: Sorcerers Crusade: Companion

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  • Spielsystem: Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade
  • Setting: WoD Dark Ages
  • Verlag: White Wolf
  • Erschienen: 1999
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Autor: Phil Brucato, Jackie Cassada, John and Lisa Daigle, Sian Kingston, John and Tara Maurer, Forrest Marchinton Wayne D. Peacock and Nicky Rea
  • Softcover, 192 Seiten

Typ: Sourcebook


Cannon Roar and Canticle Thunder!

In this age, an age of reason, an age of enlightenment, an age of discovery, wizards vie with artificers and churchmen for the highest Truth. Europe may be a field of war, but it is not the only stage for men and women of valor and vision. Take heed, for anyone, on means, however humble, may stride like a giant across the Earth, the Firmament and the pages of history!       

Magick is Afoot!

With The Sorcerers Crusade Companion, explore the heights of majesty and depths of squalor across the Dark Fantastic world. Cross blades with master fencers, indulge in the whims and excesses of high culture and journey to faraway lands in an age of exploration.

Included in this volume:

  • The Disparate groups who practice magic outside the auspices of either Tradition or Reason
  • A wealth of information about the Renaissance culture, warfare, travel and lifestyle
  • New Traits, Merits, Flaws and Scourges to plague or protect characters in the age of enlightenment



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