Vampire: The Requiem: Lancea Sanctum

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  • Spielsystem: New World of Darkness
  • Setting: Vampire: The Requiem (1st Edition)
  • Verlag: White Wolf
  • Erschienen: 2005
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Autor: Alan Alexander, Kraig Blackwelder, Travis-Jason Feldstein, Will Hindmarch, Jacob Klünder, Christopher Kobar, Chuck Wendig
  • Hardcover, 220 Seiten

Typ: Sourcebook

I am God's holy monster, the drinker of mankind.

For so long,

I could not see the role I would play,

because I looked for it with human, mortal eyes.

So I put forth the truth in these pages,

for you who seek as I have sought.

I am not some godless beast

who stalks beneath the dark grandeur of sanctity.

I am the grandeur. I am sanctified.

- The Testament of Longinus


This book includes:

  • An in-depth look at the history, philosophy and modern operations of the Lancea Sanctum, the holiest order of the Damned
  • Explorations of Sanctified Requiems and the role pious predators and monstrous paladins play in the Danse Macabre and the World of Darkness
  • Guidelines and inspiration for Kindred of event clan, including new bloodlines, new Disciplines and horrific new miracles of Theban Sorcery


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