Promethean: The Created: Pandora's Book

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  • Spielsystem: New World of Darkness
  • Setting: Promethean: The Created
  • Verlag: White Wolf
  • Erschienen: 2006
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Autor: Justin Achilli, Joseph Carriker, Jess Hartley, Wood Ingham
  • Hardcover, 156 Seiten

Typ: Sourcebook

"At the moment of our birth

- if that's the word -

we make a choice.


Life or Death.

Division or Unity.

Hunger or Reason.

Madness or Sanity.

Flux or Azoth.


Do we really make that choice?

Does something in a creator's makeup determine

whether we sunder our flesh and slither away,

or rise up to begin a new Pilgrimage?

I don't know. But I do plan to find out, with your help.

Yes, it might hurt a bit."

- Doctor Brine, Osiran


This book includes:

  • Detailed information on the many manifestations of Flux and Pyros, including the enigmatic qashmallim

  • Deadly new enemies for the Created

  • Sheltering Storm, a continuation of the Water of Life story begun in Promethean: The Created, set in New Orleans


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