Changeling: The Lost: Winter Masques

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  • Spielsystem: New World of Darkness
  • Setting: Changeling: The Lost
  • Verlag: White Wolf
  • Erschienen: 2007
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Autor: Dawn Elliott, Ethan Skemp, John Snead, Chuck Wendig
  • Hardcover, 151 Seiten

Typ: Sourcebook

The winter light is pale and bright

And so the serpent basks,

The Beast is bowed beneath the plow,

The djinn rest in their flasks,

The craftsman's made to fit his trade,

The workers match their tasks,

On snowy floor, we waltz the score,

We masquers are our masks.

- Calcan Vocel


This book includes:

  • Extended information on the seemings, from their durance to new Contract lists

  • Greater detail on roleplaying the core kiths, and guidelines for crafting or customizing more

  • A look at changelings around the world, customizing their appearance and abilities to match culture or myth

  • 41 new kiths, 6 new Courts, three new Entitlements and more

For use with the World of Darkness rulebook.


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