Promethean: The Created: Character Sheet Pad

Artikel-Nr.: WWP465443

Neuware, original eingeschweißt!

  • Spielsystem: New World of Darkness
  • Setting: Promethean: The Created
  • Verlag: White Wolf
  • Erschienen: 2006
  • Sprache: englisch
  • doppelseitige Charakterbögen

Typ: Accessory

Don't Go Into the dark Alone

Imagine a world where the truth is obscured and all is not what it seems. Keep track of your character and all your eldritch discoveries with the expanded sheets in this pad.


Play Aid for the Promethean: The Created

  • Perfect for your adventures in the game of Stolen Lives, this pad of 2-sided character sheets, includes space for all your game traits, equipment, and the details of your encounters with the unknown.

  • Two sided sheets have not been published in the core game books.

  • Easy to print or photocopy as needed - no need to photocopy your rulebook

  • Every player needs a sheet, making this a valuable play aid.


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