Dungeon Tiles: Hidden Crypts

Dungeon Tiles: Hidden Crypts

Artikel-Nr.: WOC94156

  • Spielsystem: Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition (3.5)
  • Verlag: Wizards of the Coast / EAN: 9780786941568
  • Erschienen: 2007
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Autor: Andy Collins, Jesse Decker, David Noonan, Christopher Perkins
  • Graphik: Jason Engle
  • Alter: ab 12 Jahre
  • Spieleinhalt: 6 doppelseitig farbig bedruckte DIN A4-Stanzbögen mit Bodenplatten (3mm dicke Pappe)

Typ: Accessory

Reihe: Dungeon Tiles DT3


Customizable Dungeons for Your D&D Roleplaying Game!


Build Your Own Crypts and Catacombs

Your tabletop never looked better! With Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures and this pack of customizable dungeon grids, you can add a new dimension to your D&D adventures. Easy to set up and infinitely expandable, this pack allows you to create the dungeons and adventures you want to play. Pick up additional packs to create larger, more elaborate dungeons!


This pack contains six durable, fully illustrated dungeon grids, featuring rooms, corridors, and passages of various sizes, plus doors, walls, and other terrain elements that you can use to make great D&D encounters that enhance your roleplaying game experience.


Größe der Felder: 2,5 x 2,5 cm

Größe der Spielpläne: unterschiedlich (von 1 Feld bis zu 80 Felder große Spiel-Platten)


For use with these Dungeons & Dragons products: Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual, Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Game, and other Dungeon Tiles sets


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